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Professor Terence Krell

Dr. Terence Krell is Associate Professor of Technology Management (on leave) in the Department of Management at Western Illinois University -- Quad Cities (Moline, IL 61265) He has recently returned from a leave of absence during which he was a Manager in the Los Angeles e-Business practice of Deloitte & Touche, LLP. A former corporate executive and business owner, Dr. Krell holds degrees from the Anderson Graduate School of Management at UCLA and has been active in developing software and techniques for electronic commerce as well as for enhancing traditional classroom activities through interactive use of the internet. Dr. Krell's courses are demanding and practical, yet based on the same theories and evidence that go into his own research and writings.

Mailing Address & Telephone Number:

Western Illinois University-Quad Cities
3614 24th Street
Rock Island, IL 61201
877-575-9017 (voice mail)

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Organizational Longevity and Technological Change
by Terence C. Krell
Journal of Organizational Change Management Volume 13 Number 1 2000


The Discussion Area Project: Team Work Over the Internet
by Terence C. Krell and L. A. Montuori
Western Academy of Management Annual Meeting, Portland, OR, March 27, 1998
View Workshop Description


An Inter-Gender Dialogue Regarding Inter-Gender Relationship Development in Organizations
by Terence C. Krell and Joan Winn
Journal of Organizational Change Management, Volume 10 Number 4 1997

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Invited Presentation on What Makes an Effective Department Chair (Feb, 1997)

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